Empowering Clients Across the Nation
to Meet Their Energy Resiliency Goals

Swinerton Energy empowers clients across the nation to meet their energy resiliency goals through the adoption of renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG infrastructure we construct captures harmful greenhouse methane produced from agriculture, landfill, and wastewater facilities and converts it into a natural gas. Not only does this process subvert the need for traditional fossil-fuel based gas, but it is consistently replenishable and compatible with existing gas infrastructure and equipment, thus preventing an additional load on our already taxed electrical grid.

As equally transformative, Swinerton Energy is focused on industrial self-performance for the pipe-fitting, welding, millwright, and boiler maker work associated with these projects. This expertise is crucial to successful design management, detailing, quality, safety, and scheduling for these highly sensitive, but highly impactful projects.


What We Offer

Developing complex renewable energy facilities requires dedicated teams with practical experience and specialized expertise. Our professionals are trailblazers in the field of energy construction and maintain a thorough end-to-end understanding of each facility’s unique needs. We are curious and innovative leaders with a commitment to leadership and quality, offering quality service and targeted expertise to maximize value in every stage of energy projects.


We provide self-perform concrete and industrial mechanical services, with the scalability and expertise to serve a variety of project delivery methods.


With our open-book approach, clients always know the financial status of their projects. We provide accurate cost forecasting and projected spend over the project’s lifetime, allowing financial partners greater cost certainty and understanding of cash flow requirements.


Our professionals keep an eye on the ever-evolving nuances, governance, and technologies of energy construction. This ensures we are always prepared with the most up-to-date knowledge on the economics and functionalities of each system to help our clients make the right choice for their projects.


The safety of our teams, end-users, and communities remains our top priority. Our deep technological understanding allows us to navigate each project safely, maintain the necessary critical systems, and keep any relevant landfill and city infrastructure operations unimpeded.


Making schedules and beating budgets is what we have been passionately doing for years. We lead with valuable expertise in preconstruction and predevelopment to help our clients get their visions to a fundable level.