Swinerton Takes Strides to Foster Sustainable Energy Future

Swinerton Takes Strides to Foster Sustainable Energy Future with Nationwide Focus on Renewable Natural Gas Projects

Swinerton Energy Provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services for Renewable Biofuel Facilities Combating Methane Emissions.

Swinerton Energy, Inc. (Swinerton Energy), a subsidiary of Swinerton Incorporated, is taking decisive steps in its commitment to combat greenhouse gas emissions through its expanding nationwide portfolio of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects and services. The firm’s innovative approach blends design-build proficiency, self-perform delivery capabilities, and Public-Private Partnerships to revolutionize the growing renewable natural gas market.

RNG facilities are critical to securing a more sustainable future, as they capture and process natural raw biogas from organic waste. This prevents methane—the second most prevalent greenhouse gas that is responsible for a substantial 20% of global emissions—from entering the atmosphere. Renewable biofuel also alleviates the demand for fossil fuel-based gas, as it can be injected into the existing gas pipeline without placing additional stress on the electrical power grid.

More than 173 RNG projects are operational across 31 states, with 40 under construction. Swinerton Energy recently achieved significant milestones, including successfully completing projects in North Carolina and Idaho while simultaneously commencing a new endeavor in Washington. As the demand for steadfast construction partners rises, the firm prioritizes industrial self-performance in pipefitting, welding, millwright, and boilermaker work.

Aaron Townsend, an 11-year veteran of Swinerton Builders, is guiding the firm’s strategic mission. Before becoming President of Swinerton Energy, Townsend served as Director of Target Markets with Swinerton Builders’ Colorado division, contributing his expertise in estimating, preconstruction, project management, and field supervision to diverse projects throughout the central United States. “For nearly 20 years, Swinerton has been committed to advancing a sustainable future from renewable energy solar fields to mass timber construction. Building renewal natural gas facilities is an obvious next step in this evolution,” states Townsend.

Backed by a 27-year industry career, Townsend is known for the development and execution of complex projects with unwavering success—an exceptional record he continues to build upon at Swinerton Energy. “With Swinerton Energy, we aren’t simply constructing or retrofitting facilities,” Townsend continues. “We are collaborating with clients to revolutionize energy and industrial project delivery.”

Swinerton Energy is the source of expertise in design management, detailing, quality control, safety, and scheduling, optimizing each client’s investment in these crucial and complex facilities. The firm offers reliable Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services to industrial clients nationwide, with expertise ranging from preconstruction and predevelopment to commissioning and start-up. Driven by a commitment to client satisfaction, the firm assembles adept teams to guide energy projects from initial concept to full realization.